HI. This project in particular alligns quite a lot with previous experience I have had with drone building. <<<(writeup coming soon!>)>>

The analysis and eventually mapping of environmental Dna is incredible interesting and proves to be a breakthrough in modern surveying techniques. Most notable because of it's fairly advantageous ability to reduce loss and the necessity of an feild expert to do taxonomic labelling of specific animmals, instead offering an approach that could be compared to that of a camera. The DNA snapshot of a zone can be brought to a lab for later processing that can then later be developed into a beautiful picture of full taxonomic detail using a varied amount of metagenomic analysis. In my case I would be using shotgunning techniques.
The design I have is currently only capable in aquatic and bioaerosol collection. However in the future I plan on creating a modudlar structure that can be later added to the pod to collect and analyze sediment.
I really look foward to collecting sediment samples because I know that that particulare part of an aquatic environment carries the most genetic data than any other.
UD 1.20.2020 Im now working on a sort of air collection/monitoring system for eDNA. It could be hung around the canyon of Reed to analyse avian dander/feathers. I've been thinking for a while about passive collection systems attached to drainage ditches with automated time stamped collection. It wouldnt be that difficult. Designs coming soon.