8.20.2018 So i've been feeding a specific bunch of homegrown mealworms for around a year and a half now, this had been enough time for this specific line to undergo 5 generations of mealworms eating mainly styrofoam. I've dissected a single mealworm from each generation thus far and inoculated them onto agar. So far I have not carefully assayed or analyzed the microbial populations but that is coming very soon :D. For decomp. I take the single mealworm and roll it in a 10 percent chlorohexadine solution in a shallow dish. Usually this kills the worm fairly quickly and from there I cut it medially with a 15c scalpel. using a sterile Q-tip I swab the inner segment, swabbing the intestine as best I can. Thus far all of the dishes are being stored in the fridge ready to be incubated and examined. All I need is some free time and enough money for Biorad to sequence them along with my EDNA samples.